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Thank you for visiting this little place on the internet dedicated to helping ambitious millennials find +  create a fulfilling career and reaching your financial goals.

Millennial Life Admin is the resource hub for all your life admin needs. What is life admin? It’s the things as adults we push to the side such as updating a resume, paying bills, and growing up. MLA was created out of  the principal philosophy that:

You are not alone.

We are all doing our best to grow into adulthood. Let’s figure this out together! 

Kimberly ✨


6 Modern Resume Mistakes Millennials Need To Avoid

  As a millennial, it can be hard to transition from that university resume to a young professional resume and it can be super easy to make these 6 mistakes. There are as many resumes articles out there as there are resumes. However, after hours of research, I have found the most common resume mistakes

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How To Find A Job You Love

  How do you find a job you love? It’s the hardest question to ask yourself, but it’s one that everyone has to answer at one time or another. What do you want to do with your life? And it’s so easy to defer back to the cliché quotes of: “Follow Your Passion” or “Find a

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7 Ways to Manage Your Personal Finance (On Your Lunch Break!)

For most of us, it’s so easy to assume that managing our personal finances as an adult means we have to be sitting at our kitchen table with a spouse,  surrounded by a dozen bills and financial statements, with a calculator in one hand and our face in the other, looking extremely stressed. When really,

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Hi there! My name is Kimberly and I created MLA as a personal development, career, and finance resource for millennials.
MLA focuses on helping career-driven millennials create the personal development habits to achieve work-life balance and manage their money.
Throughout this blog, you’ll find articles that give specific and detailed advice because I’m not into the fluffy advice. There’s plenty of that on the internet. Here you will find tangible advice on how to find a rewarding career (that you love!), where you can help others, and learn how to save and invest your money for the future.
I hope you’ll follow along!

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