• Debunking 4 BS Myths: Why Not “Everyone” Can Travel the World

    With the rise of Instagram, social media, and the ease of an inspirational quote maker, it is easy to feel less than if you haven’t traveled the world.

    That somehow you’re failing as a millennial because you can’t live up to all those “wanderlust” posts.  And who am I to say this? It’s not because I’m bitter I didn’t travel; it’s because I traveled (to over 30 countries, across 5 continents in 5 years).

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  • The Untold Secret Villas of Rome

    Everyone goes to Rome. Of course! I lived there for 6 months so I know there’s always a million things to see and do and eat. If you’re on a time crunch, a quick google of “Things to do and see in Rome” will give you more than enough ideas. However, if you have the time, I truly recommend seeing a different side of Rome. To see the Empire beyond the ruins, into the lavish life of the emperors…and for that you will need to go to Tivoli.

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