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How To Defeat Career Comparison

I originally had something completely different lined up for this week’s article, but then something happened. I was about 2/3 ...
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My Motivational Secret to Tackling Any Life Admin Task

A few weeks ago, my sister asked me if I had finished the box of ice cream bars from the ...
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End of Year: 2018 Goals Check-In – How Did I Do?

Well, that’s a wrap! 2018 has literally flown by for me! In good and bad ways but I seriously don’t ...
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4 Books Every Millennial Needs To Read for 2019

With the holidays just around the corner, life can get super busy. But for me, it seems like this weird ...
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5 Short And Easy Tasks to Help You Prepare For The New Year (That Take 1 Hour Or Less!)

With the New Year quickly approaching, it can seem like 2018 is flying by faster and faster. And with the ...
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5 Critical Things About Home Hunting Every First Home Buyer Should Know

Anyone who says buying a place is “fun” is either really rich or is fortunate to live in really privileged ...
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5 Easy Meals To Make With 5 Ingredients Or Less (Cooking For Beginners)

Learning to cook is probably one of the ultimate challenges of growing up. And it’s this vicious cycle because unlike ...
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The Ultimate Summer Night Routine for Sensitive Skin

I live for summer nights. But I really, really hate the heat. And what has worsened my sweaty, uncomfortable, sensitive ...
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Mid Year Goals Review: 6 Month Check-In

Well technically it’s July but it’s roughly 6 months..ish. Either way I wanted to write a post that provided a ...
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6 Life Admin Tasks I’ve Been Avoiding (And What I’m Doing About It)

For a blog called Millennial Life Admin, you’d think I’d have shit altogether, all the time right? Nope. And that’s ...
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In this blog, you'll find real and honest examples of how I'm navigating adulthood. I've read a lot of content about growing up, but I have found it hard to find real-life examples of how to apply this advice.
So I created MLA as a space to share all the lessons of becoming an adult - on a budget! I hope you find this helpful and feel free to keep in touch at kimberly[at]
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