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Thank you for visiting this little place on the internet dedicated to helping purpose-driven millennials find + thrive in a fulfilling career and lead a meaningful financial life.

Sounds intimidating? It is! MLA was created out of  the principal philosophy that:

You are not alone.


We are all doing our best to grow into adulthood. 

Let’s figure this out together!

Kimberly ✨

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Can’t help but check your phone every 5 minutes to see what the latest post on Instagram is? This journaling method is deigned to help you beat procrastination by forcing you to examine and track why you get distracted and push through those procrastination tendencies to get work done! Click here to download your FREE journal template!


How To Start Financial Planning In Your Twenties

Here’s the secret to financial planning: there is no one “right financial plan.” Everyone’s life goals will look different. However, just because it’s not a “one-size fits all” model with one perfect model, doesn’t mean it’s not important. It just means that you may need to take some time to figure out what is important

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The Personal Finance Tool That Will Define Your Life

It’s hard to think that only one personal finance number will define the entire course of your life, but it’s true. There’s only one. And it’s not your credit score. It’s your interest rates. More specifically, your compounded interest rates. Interest rates have the power to passively make you a millionaire when you retire or

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Hi there! My name is Kimberly and I created MLA as a  place for millennials to create the personal development habits to excel in the career and financial life.
MLA focuses on helping heart-driven millennials, who care about more than just making as much money as possible and working until you miserably burnout. Throughout this blog, you’ll find articles that give specific and detailed advice because I’m not into the fluffy stuff. Here, you will find tangible advice on how to find a rewarding career (that you love!), successfully grow into adulthood, and learn how to save and invest your money for the future.

Thanks for following along!



My name is Kimberly and I so appreciate you stopping by. If you have any questions about the articles on this site or resources that MLA provides, please feel free to keep in touch at kimberly[@]millenniallifeadmin.com.


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