The 5 Podcasts Every Millennial Needs To Listen To Get Ahead

I’m going to say this right now: I feel like I was not late to the podcast game, but I was definitely hesitant of it.

I’d heard of podcasts years and years ago but I never really understood why anyone would choose to listen to podcasts over watching a YouTube videos or reading blogposts. Today, I’m happy to say I’m a full convert. I love podcasts – even more than the beauty YouTube videos I used to binge every weekend. And I can say without a doubt that podcasts have changed my life for the better. I now look forward to them so much that I’ve created a reward system around podcasts to motivate me to do the life admin tasks that I’d rather avoid.

These are the 5 podcasts I feel that have had the most influential impact on me. You’ll notice when going through the list that these podcasts have a few things in common:


1. They are all lead by women who know how to get ahead in life.

While some of the podcasts have male guests, I find it really valuable to hear from the perspective of a woman. Although I really do enjoy male podcasts here and there, I find the podcasts from these 5 women truly inspiring. These podcasts lean to more of the personal development and business career side of podcasting and a lot of it is geared towards entrepreneurship. But even if you are not looking to be an entrepreneur, these women and their guests share their experiences with corporate and entrepreneur careers, money, mental health, and so, so, so much more. If you’re a little unsure about the path you’re heading in and want to look into the next steps,  this is the place for you.


2. They are all extremely long and detailed.

With the exception of one podcast that also releases “mini” episodes of 7-10 minutes, all of these podcasters usually release episodes that vary from 30 minutes to an hour long. Some episodes do go over 1 hour and let me tell you, I live for those long podcasts episodes. Personally, I find that I enjoy short-form content better as a blog or video. I used to be obsessed with listening to Side Hustle School by Chris Guillebeau but I found that the short 10 minute format left out a lot of details. If you don’t know about that podcasts, every day (and I do mean every single day) Chris shares a story about someone who’s making money with a side hustle. It’s super interesting to listen to if you are looking for a side hustle but I found that it was almost too short and provided a basic summary of the person’s accomplishments but not all the details involved. I still listen to it now and then but I much prefer these 5 podcasts that provide detailed and in-depth information and interviews. You really get to know them and the people the interview and I’m all about that communication.


3. These podcasts are for people who want to get ahead in life with actionable steps.

There are a lot of “fluffy” podcasts, blogs, and general content on the media. And true to the Millennial Life Admin format, I’ve chosen to highlight the 5 podcasts that create detailed and in-depth content – not only in their length, but in their content. These podcasters share real, hard, numbers and details about their journeys, businesses, successes and challenges. And I live for that. Their ability to open up is what’s also inspired MLA – I love sharing the real hard numbers on my budget, income, and personal development because I hope to inspire and give you actionable advice. I don’t just share my side hustle, I give you all the details, and I so appreciate that openness in these podcasts. These podcasts are for you if you are looking for content goes beyond “inspiring” and teaches you how to move ahead and get into the next steps in life.


Alright then, let’s get started!


1. The Perfectionist Project Sam Laura Brown

I feel like I talk about Sam Laura Brown so much on this blog that it seems like I’m sponsored by her, but I just love her content. I started following Sam through her blog a few years ago, but her podcast is definitely my favourite form of content. She shares her journey through personal development through the lens of a perfectionist – which is definitely something I am. I didn’t really realize it until she started talking about how fear of judgment and criticism can cause procrastination and self-sabotage and what to do about it. I listen to absolutely every one of her podcasts (including her podcast about her impossible goal that was over 2 hours long!) and get super excited when she uploads a new one. She is the youngest person on this list and I think there’s something to be said about really listening to someone that’s my age. Sam prides herself on always stating that she feels like she’s just like everyone that listens to her, except only a few steps ahead, and she’s avid about sharing her journey no matter how uncomfortable  it makes her. That’s really inspiring to me and that’s one of the reason’s I love listening to her.

If you’re looking to get into The Perfectionism Project Podcasts, these are my favourite series and episodes to get you started:

Life/Personal Growth Updates

This is a monthly series on Sam’s podcasts and it shows the behind the scenes of her podcast and her personal development. While you get bits and pieces here and there, I love that she creates full episodes dedicated to her personal growth. I’m an avid believer that you can learn so much from other people’s journeys because you gain perspective and insight that you have never thought about before. And I think that’s the secret to getting ahead – to learn things you didn’t know!

Episode 70: How To Be Your Best Self On A Budget

I love this episode because if you couldn’t tell by the previous articles on this blog, I love budgets. I love making budgets, I love talking about budgets, and I’m all for personal development on a budget. The key takeaway that I took away from this episode is to take the free advice you get from her blog or any book, blog, internet source and pretend that you paid for it. Sam goes it far more into depth but if you are looking to get ahead on a budget – listen to this episode!

Episode 65: How To Pursue Multiple Goals At Once

I think one of the reasons that I really enjoy Sam’s podcast is because she and I are very similar. Sam gears her work towards women who are ambitious and smart, but let themselves get in the way. I am definitely a multi-tasker and a multi-goal seeker. I always want to achieve multiple things at once and in this podcast, Sam defines the practical advice and mindset to do so.


2. The Goal Digger Podcast Jenna Kutcher


Jenna Kutcher is super well-known in the online space as being a master of marketing and all around super relatable human being. I love Jenna because of how she communicates her messages, she has an ability to really speak to you like a real person, even though she is known to be a “celebrity “ in the online space. Jenna is a great person to listen to because she talks about how to pursue your goals with authenticity. She really skyrocketed went she went viral on Instagram for being super real about her body issues a few years ago and Jenna continues to inspire with real, relatable advice that doesn’t make you feel like you have to be a brand new person, she makes you feel like you can be you but better.

Jenna is OG in the podcast world and has literally hundreds of episodes that are all worth a listen but these are a handful of my favourites:

Episode 209: Why A Money Mindset Matters

So many people talk about money without talking about the mindset behind it. I love this breakdown that Jenna talks about how to have an abundance mindset vs. a scarcity mindset. In this episode, she gets super real about her personal story with money and how her mindset has helped changed and shaped the path she is on today with her life and her business.

Episode 171: The 10 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made As An Entrepreneur

Jenna got her start as a wedding photographer turned marketing genius and is always really open about her successes and her challenges. While Jenna is super open to sharing the hard numbers about things like her exact revenue and expenses in her marketing business today (shoutout to Episode 219), but she also opens up to her failures. And similar to Sam, I love that Jenna shares her behind the scenes struggles. In every account, she shares what she’s learned from the experience and how it affected her business moving forward.

Episode 168: How to Gain Big Influence In 5 Easy Steps With Emily Sexton

Lastly, one of the great things about Jenna is the diverse guests that she brings onto the show. She doesn’t just bring on super famous or successful people in the business world, she truly brings on people who are making an impact and have an inspiring message for her audience. One of my favourite interviews was with Emily Sexton who runs a clothing business in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In this episode, she talks about how to have true influence, even when you’re a small person in a small town, and how to really make an impactful difference no matter the size of your Instagram or social media following. I love Emily’s approach to adversity and commitment to staying true to her values.


3. The Influencer Podcast Julie Solomon


Julie Solomon is a former publicist and hosts the Influencer Podcasts that talks all about how to gain influence and use it to communicate your message to the world. While this podcast is really geared towards entrepreneurship, I love Julie because she is by  far, hands down, no contest, the best interviewer I’ve ever heard on a podcast. I love the questions that Julie asks and how she’s able to bring out this vulnerable, real and inspiring content in her guests. Although this podcasts is really directed at entrepreneurs and bloggers, I think that Julie brings a really fresh perspective to the idea of influence. Influence isn’t just the number of Instagram or Twitter followers you have, Julie’s advice applies to really anyone that’s looking to get ahead and make real change. You don’t have to be a social media influencer to make a change, you can create change in your office and everyday community.

These are some of my favourite episodes from Julie:

Episode 061: 3 Times I Failed As An Influencer + How I Overcame It

To get to know Julie, I recommend starting from this episode because it’s easy to see where she is now and think “wow, she has it all together and knows so much about creating influence,” but it didn’t always start off that way. She has had toss and turns in her journey and I love how Julie shares that her journey was not always an easy and straight path. Like many of the other episode recommendations, I find it super comforting to know that it’s okay to have messy and unsure parts and I love that Julie shares how she got to where is she is today.

Episode 083: The 4 Scariest Fears About Pitching Yourself (And How To Overcome Them)

I think that one of my biggest struggles in my career and sometimes in my personal life is selling myself. I am not good at self-promotion because it makes me feel uncomfortable to talk highly about myself. I think a lot of people share this insecurity where we are too an extent – too humble, too modest, and lack self-confidence. In this episode, Julie talks about how to pitch yourself, even when it’s scary. And while you may not own a business or be an entrepreneur, I think that the skill of pitching yourself is so valuable because it is required in any job. For any job, there’s an interview process and you what do you have to do in an interview? You have to prove that you are the best candidate for a position. The same goes for school admissions, promotions, and generally in life. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s such an important skill and I value Julie’s guidance through this uncomfortable process. Getting ahead in life means, just that, to get ahead. And pitching yourself, selling yourself, and highlighting why you are the best candidate for any job, school, or even partner is a really valuable skill.

Episode 095: How To Create A Business That Runs Itself With Efficiency Expert Adrienne Dorison 

Like I said before, I think Julie is a fantastic podcast interviewer. And while I’ve refrained from adding interviews that are too niche based, I chose this interview for this round-up because I think it can be generally applied to all. Who wouldn’t like to be more efficient? And even if you don’t own a business, I still think this episode is worth listening to because you probably work in a business (note” I also count running a family household like running a mini business because it’s got expenses, budgets, and little employees you have to take care of). And so even if you don’t own a business, learning how to be efficient in your everyday life at work is also essential for prioritizing your workload and even getting promoted. To get ahead, you need to be able to be as efficient as possible with the things you currently have to do. I walked away from this

(I highly recommend you listen to any interview if you are interested in the topic – they are all good!)


4. RISE Podcast Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is somewhat a new discovery for me. I didn’t really know who she was until my sister bought me her book “Girl, Wash Your Face,” for Christmas last year. In all honesty, I haven’t read her book yet because I was in the middle of another book when she gave it to me and then I started back at school so I’ve kind of traded leisure books for textbooks for the next couple of months. However, searching her up, I saw that she also had a podcast. And while that I didn’t have time to read her book, I did want to listen to her podcast to see if I liked her voice, perspective, and what she had to teach.

And now I love her. Simple as that.

Rachel is this incredible combination of fierce entrepreneurship and clever, relatable wit. I literally laugh out loud when I listen to her podcast because she’s a cross between a motivational speaker and a stand-up comedian. Rachel is a great person to listen to get ahead in life because I feel she’s like an elder millennial (no disrespect). But she’s almost 10 years older than me and I love seeing things from her perspective. She talks about being a mom and an entrepreneur in a really applicable way, even if you don’t have kids, and I love how she talks about the real, raw part of having and growing a business. I also think that to get ahead in life, you have to look ahead in life. And while I am not a mom yet (and may never be one), I like to see what my challenges are 10 years down the road and how to take them head-on.

Rachel is a great speaker and has super interesting guests, but my favourite podcasts of hers is always when she’s just talking to the mic by herself. I think we’d be really good friends and that’s what I imagine when I listen to her. Here are a few of my favourite episodes:

Episode 80: The Hard Things That Will Throw You Off-Course (And How To Fight Them)

One of the best things about Rachel is her ability to look beyond the fluff of personal development and growing a business/career. This episode is actually a recording of a talk she’s done at a conference and I really enjoy listening to her dive into the things no one really talks about – the bad things in life that will veer you off course from a goal. Everyone has a goal, and every motivational speaker will tell you all the inspirational stuff to help you achieve that goal, but Rachel goes one step further, she talks about the hard stuff that prevents you from achieving the goal and how to navigate those challenges.

If you listen to her enough, you’ll notice that at every conference or speaking engagement, she really pushes the crowd to not just feel inspired during her talk, but to continue their fight to pursuing a fulfilling life when she’s not there or they aren’t at a conference.

Episode 78: The Most Important Things I Do Every Year

Another great podcast by Rachel! In this episode, Rachel breaks down her goal-setting plan for the year. Rachel is one busy person – she runs a media company, is a published author (many times over) and has a house full of kids. I really enjoyed this episode and looking in on how she does it all.

Episode 76: What I Did Right and What I Did Wrong in 2018

One of my favourite things about Rachel is her non-apologetic attitude to business and to life. I really get inspired by Rachel because she talks a lot about how, as women, we tend to downplay our accomplishments and goals. Rachel really inspires confidence in being proud of your own work, and not feeling bad about promoting yourself. In this episode, she talked about how she made mistakes in 2018, but something she is super proud of is that her book was the 2nd best selling book in America only behind Michelle Obama’s “Becoming.” In this episode, she shares why she’s proud of her book and why kept talking about it and promoting it. Writing this book was a big accomplishment for her, and I really enjoy how she talked about how she’s learned not to down-play or shy away from her accomplishments. This is something I’m really trying to work on. I think society teaches girls to try to not shine too bright because it comes off as cocky or arrogant and it really pushes girls especially to be humble. But I love Rachel’s not-sorry attitude in being proud of her work.


5. Second Life Podcast Hillary Kerr

Second Life is the newest podcast to add to my library and I think it is an especially great podcast for millennials. Second Life is a podcast interviewing women all about their second careers or as Hilary calls it, their “second life.” It dives into interviews with women who were on one career path and then took on a total change into another career path that they never expected to follow. I love this podcast because it’s an important reminder to myself that my career path may not always look the same; there are lots of options with lots of twists and turns and I may not always be sure of myself, but it will work out in the end.

I love this podcast for millennials because career paths for the millennial and genxers are not the same as those before us. It’s not common for people to stay at jobs and on the same career for 20, 30, or 40 years anymore and I find this podcast really inspiring to find comfort and excitement in that uncertainty. All of these women are really successful, but they all had completely different plans for their lives and it worked out differently. I think that’s such an important concept to lean into because as many people of my age suffer the “quarter-life” crisis. And I’m starting to think it’s actually a very normal and good thing. There is nothing wrong with not knowing what you are going to be doing for the next 20 years and actually, it could turn out better than you could have planned or imagined. The key is to put in the work every step of the way (and that’s something a particular episode talks about which I will list later on).

However, I do listen to this podcast on/off depending on who is being interviewed because this podcast is only a series of interviews. The great thing about Hillary though is that because she is so successful with her company My Domaine, she also has celebrity guests on such as Mandy Moore and Jennifer Lopez which is super cool. My favourite episodes though are still those with women who own businesses or are writers because that’s the career path I would like to get into. I love Mandy and Jennifer but no one needs to see me try to sing and dance to become a pop star. I’ll save it for singing in the shower and dancing and in my living room.

The Must-Listen to Episode: Christina Tosi: Milk Bar Founder and CEO

By far, my favourite episode has been with Christina. Of all the episodes I’ve heard, she is probably one of the most intelligent, insightful, and inspiring interview to listen to.

The best takeaway from this episode was really working hard and valuing every experience in the journey and putting in the hard work the whole way through.

Christina started off studying engineering and mathematics and then got pulled into the culinary world because of her passion for baking. Christina really worked her way up in the New York restaurant world because of her lack of experience and I love how she talks about really valuing every step of her journey. Even though she didn’t become a mathematician or engineer or even a pastry chef like she thought she would when she went to New York, she doesn’t regret any of her experience. She even credits her high school literature class for helping her write her cookbooks. I really just love how she values her effort and work at every stage of her life, not just the successful ending.

My favourite quote from this episode is:

“It should never be a straight path. The curves is what gives the texture, that gives you the grit to be able to solve [problems]”

Please, if nothing else, listen to this episode if you are feeling lost.




I truly think all of the podcasts and podcasts episodes have had a huge impact on the way I see the world.  I hope this was inspiring to help you get you started or continuing the love and support in the podcast world. If you want a summary and reference guide of this article – feel free to download one here (I know it’s a long one).

Good luck!

Kimberly ✨

Author: Kimberly

Hi there! My name is Kimberly and I created MLA as a personal development, career, and finance resource for millennials. MLA focuses on helping career-driven millennials create the personal development habits to achieve work-life balance and manage their money. Throughout this blog, you’ll find articles that give specific and detailed advice because I’m not into the fluffy advice. There’s plenty of that on the internet. Here you will find tangible advice on how to find a rewarding career (that you love!), where you can help others, and learn how to save and invest your money for the future. I hope you’ll follow along!

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