Hi everyone!

My name is Kimberly. I am 29 years old and I grew up in Vancouver, BC. I spent years working multiple jobs and paying my way through to get an Arts Degree (which I know has a very bad reputation, but I don’t regret one minute of it). Despite working through mostly administration/client service/ and a couple of clerk/analyst jobs, I somehow found myself nearing the end of my twenties and so incredibly proud of the person I had become.

Some of more “accomplishments” being:

–  Saving $50,000 over 5 years to travel to 30+ Countries on 5 Continents

–  Buying my own apartment at 26

–  Paying off all my student loans before I graduated

–  To tag along with my last point, it’s also because I didn’t have that much as I received over $10,000 in scholarships and bursaries.

But it wasn’t always like this. I struggled and stumbled a lot on the way and had a hard time finding concrete resources to help with my goals. I started this blog as a way of documenting how I achieved these goals by being, in my opinion, a relatively “normal” person. And I don’t’ mean this in a condescending tone, but I find it difficult to find many blogs for every day women, who are also very realistic about their lives. I don’t think I’m some special, gifted, person who achieved all these things because I’m some rare talented unicorn; I really am pretty basic.

I’m not a full-time blogger that has all this time to dedicate to take beautiful photos and work out three times a day, create the perfect Instagram life, etc.

I didn’t “travel hack” my way through anything, I don’t have some crazy detailed plan to retire early and create this enormous business empire.

I’m not going to encourage you to quit your job and leave everything behind. I’ve actually done that, multiple times. And there are plenty of blogs to help with that. I work a 9-5 job (actually mine is technically 8-5 because I work a compressed work schedule, but that means I get every other Monday off!) and I actually really enjoy it. I want to share with you how to make the most of everyday life. 

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I don’t find it realistic for many people. 

I achieved almost everything over through a combination of budgeting & saving (personal finance wooohooo!), time management, constantly challenging my personal development,  and just doing what makes me happy and continuous goal setting.


Some fun facts about me:

I geek over anything personal development and personal finance related.

I graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Minor in Psychology (the psychology part is what feeds my personal development interest).

I’ve been an au pair in France and spent some time learning meditation in a monastery in Thailand. My life is very random.

I live in an apartment by myself just outside of Vancouver and love it. I live alone except with some plants that I struggle to keep alive (but I’m trying!). I love pets, especially dogs, but my apartment doesn’t allow animals and I don’t live the lifestyle for a pet. I work 9 hours a day and then many nights go to see my friends or family. I wouldn’t want a pet all cooped up in a small apartment by themselves, but one day I’ll be able to have a dog.

I currently work in my dream career in government finance .  But I’ve worked in a million different jobs from travel agent assistant (need to book a cruise? flights? hotel? ), to IT Helpdesk (have you tried logging off and back on?), to finance procurement (shopping for a living, really), and finally also Facilities Maintenance (clogged toilet, or burnt out light-bulb anyone?). 

Thanks for following along!


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