The 4 Transferable Skills You Must Highlight To Successfully Change Careers

One of the toughest parts of changing careers is the fact that you don’t feel you like you have the skill set to make the jump. The imposter syndrome of entering into a new field of work without the proper skills is real and it is intimidating. I have definitely been down that road before.

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8 Go-Getting Mantras To Inspire Your Career Change

I get it, quitting a job can be hard sometimes. It’s easy if the workplace is toxic, or you have a terrible boss or super low pay, but sometimes those external factors aren’t there. You could be working a job that is perfectly fine. It pays the bills. It’s not perfect, but it has its

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The 8 Financial Terms And Documents Every New Employee Needs To Know

Have you ever had a conversation with a co-worker or boss where they start using terms and acronyms that you don’t really understand?
Yup, I’ve been there.
Especially as a new graduate or new employee, it can be easy for people to start referring to these terms nonchalantly in conversation. And most of the time,

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The 5 Podcasts Every Millennial Needs To Listen To Get Ahead

I’m going to say this right now: I feel like I was not late to the podcast game, but I was definitely hesitant of it. I’d heard of podcasts years and years ago but I never really understood why anyone would choose to listen to podcasts over watching a YouTube videos or reading blogposts. Today,

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The One Career Changing Tool I Use To Ace Every Job Interview (With Free Downloadable Guide!)

If you’re like me, then even the thought of a job interview makes you sick. And even though I’ve gotten better at calming my nerves before an interview, the actual process still stresses me out. Mostly because, as much as I prepare, I tend to get nervous and completely blank out during job interviews.

Until I created the one career-changing tool that has helped me master my nerves and allowed me to think on feet when I inevitably blank out.

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The 4 Meeting Documents Every Young Professional Should Know and Master

If you’re new to the corporate world, and just entering your first professional job, the transition can be quite intimidating. So whether you are a new graduate or transitioning to a 9-5 for whatever reason, here are 4 meeting documents you should know and master in any role.

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6 Ways to Skyrocket Your Job Search (+Free Job Application Tracker!)

With our imaginary hands in the air, does anyone actually like applying for jobs? No. Me neither. Throughout my years as new graduate, I’ve learned how to ways to really take job applying to the next level. Read more and find out about the tool I use to make sure I don’t let applying for jobs get the best of me.

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6 Easy, Creative, and Cheap DIY Office Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas

  Happy September! And welcome to the start of the many holidays to come beginning with Halloween. I’ve always loved holidays and celebrations, and as I’ve grown up I’ve had to find the balance between celebrating that child-like spirit within me, and being a grown up in a professional office where not everyone may feel

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3 Ways To Conquer Your Nerves and Ace Every Interview (with free guide!)

If you’re anything like me, you also hate job interviews. They are such a necessary part of growing up but it’s something that can be very nerve-wracking and intimidating.

And while the age old advice of “it gets easier the more you do it” is true; I think it should be modified, to “it gets easier the more you do it, but it’s going to be painful, stressful and probably pretty embarrassing along the way.”

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