About MLA


What is “Life Admin?”



Life Admin is the everyday tasks of adulthood that includes but is not limited to:

– Paying the various amounts of bills you didn’t even know existed

– Creating a budget for those bills, savings, and dare I say investing and retirement?

– Living + cooking for a healthy lifestyle because eating candy (and I do count sugary cereals) for breakfast is now frowned upon.

– Making appointments with the many different types of doctors and specialists that were not required before cause #gettingold

– Updating your CV/Resume, finding a job, deciding on a career path (!!!)

– Booking vacation, finding budget friendly options because apparently we spend all our money on avocado toast.

Bonus: For all the students out there, figuring out how to make the most of your post-secondary life, applying for scholarships, getting internships, and dealing with debt (all those things school didn’t teach you)

And so, so many more.

MLA was created out of the society assumption that one day we were all going to wake up and just magically going to “know” how to be an adult.  Sometimes I refer to myself as “pretending at life” because while it looks like I know what I’m doing; it’s been a whole lot of learning and figuring it out things along the way.

As much as the wonderful internet has given me, I found a lack of specifics when it came to resources that would simply advise to “create a budget” or “ask an industry professional out for a coffee to pick their brain.”

Yes, but like how?

This blog is for your life admin support. To help break down those everyday tasks of growing up and to share in the secret adulthood – everyone is pretending.  Everyone is to some extent faking it and that’s okay.

Let’s figure this out together.