My 5 Goals and 1 Impossible Goal for 2019

Happy 2019 everyone! And with a New Year means New Year Goals.  I know this topic can be very polarizing. Some people love them; some people think they are just another way to get your hopes high, only to have to face disappointment. And while I think there’s definitely a method to goal setting, I

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End of Year: 2018 Goals Check-In – How Did I Do?

Well, that’s a wrap!

2018 has literally flown by for me! In good and bad ways but I seriously don’t know where the time went! And as the year finishes up, I’m revisiting my 2018 year goals. More than that, I’m going to be grading myself on the effort I put into these goals, not the results.

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4 Books Every Millennial Needs To Read for 2019

With the holidays just around the corner, life can get super busy. But for me, it seems like this weird juxtaposition of the busy holiday season and then lazy dead days for that time in-between Christmas and the New Year. If you want to get a head start on plans for that time of the

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5 Short And Easy Tasks to Help You Prepare For The New Year (That Take 1 Hour Or Less!)

With the New Year quickly approaching, it can feel completely overwhelming to try to prepare for the holidays, while simultaneously set yourself up for the New Year. So instead of lying to myself I’m breaking it down to mini-tasks that will help me get a head start without taking away from holiday fun.

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Meditation For Beginners: 3 Easy Tips To Start Meditating (advice from Thai Nuns and Monks!)

Meditating is a great practice for personal development and everyone talks about it but it can be harder than you think to get started! This article shares secrets about how to overcome those challenges as told by monks and nuns of Thailand!

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The Blogging Diaries: 4th Time’s The Charm

Why, hello there!

This is a new series I will be starting on MLA about my personal development through my blogging journey. I am not one to start blog about blogging but one of my favourite bloggers, Sam Brown from Smart Twenties, talks about how blogging can be used as a tool for personal development – and I completely agree. Like any other new experience, it’s something that will change and evolve, and help me grow as a blogger and person.

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