Personal Growth Update: July 2020 – Supporting Anti-Racist Businesses, BTS Business Expenses, and Helping the MLA Community




Hi everyone!

This month’s personal growth update will be a candid update of how MLA is doing as a business and my personal updates with BLM and using my money to support social justice.  Listen to this week’s episode as I talk about:

  • An update on the business I chose not to support in June because of its non-diverse inclusion of BIPOC creators
  • Why I am not a fan of cheap investments anymore (and how more expensive business investments are paying off).
  • And why I chose to do free career assessments for the MLA community last month (and how they went!)

Listen to this week’s episode for more!

Author: Kimberly

Hi there! My name is Kimberly and I created MLA as a personal development, career, and finance resource for millennials. MLA focuses on helping career-driven millennials create the personal development habits to achieve work-life balance and manage their money. Throughout this blog, you’ll find articles that give specific and detailed advice because I’m not into the fluffy advice. There’s plenty of that on the internet. Here you will find tangible advice on how to find a rewarding career (that you love!), where you can help others, and learn how to save and invest your money for the future. I hope you’ll follow along!

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