Personal Growth Update – Aug + Sept 2020 – Resting Without Guilt, An Unexpected Interview, and Business Changes



Hi everyone!

In this personal growth update, I will be giving a candid update on what I’ve been up to in August and September and the behind the scenes of MLA. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Resting without guilt. In August, I took a vacation without my work laptop and was the only one of my friends to not work on my vacation. I outline how it didn’t feel good at first, but why it is so important in preventing burnout. 
  • My unexpected job interview. An old hiring manager reached out to see if I would be interested in a new job. I share my feelings, growth, and the results of that interview.
  • The coaching business of MLA. I’ve been doing a ton of career coaching the past 2 months and have learned so much. I love watching my clients grow and especially when they see the importance of personal growth when it comes to career. But that also means I’ve been turning down work. I no longer offer resume services or my resume template because I’m so passionate about career coaching. I love coaching especially because my method is a mix of personal growth and career and I have loved being able to see the transformation in my clients.  

**If you would like to have first access to my coaching services before it launches in November – make sure to sign up to the waitlist here. My coaching services have been booked up until now and I will notify you first here**

Listen to the episode for the full details!

Talk soon,

Kimberly ✨

Author: Kimberly

Hi there! My name is Kimberly and I created MLA as a personal development, career, and finance resource for millennials. MLA focuses on helping career-driven millennials create the personal development habits to achieve work-life balance and manage their money. Throughout this blog, you’ll find articles that give specific and detailed advice because I’m not into the fluffy advice. There’s plenty of that on the internet. Here you will find tangible advice on how to find a rewarding career (that you love!), where you can help others, and learn how to save and invest your money for the future. I hope you’ll follow along!

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