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Ireland is one of the most underrated places in my opinion. Even as I was planning my trip with my best friend, I was excited, but not in complete awe. Until I arrived, then I was in complete awe.


While I am ordinary all about the public transit (even in my daily life at home), I truly think that renting a car in Ireland is 100% worth it. While it is the more expensive option, it’s not only the best way to see the Cliffs of Mohr, but most of Ireland. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Ireland is small but many of it’s large attractions are very far a part. One of the things that make Ireland so amazing is it’s beautiful countryside but it also makes it difficult to get around because there aren’t as many attractions in between to transit through if you’re on a time limit.
  2. Avoid the tourists – As you can imagine with any large destination, large buses pull up and crowds form quickly for that perfect shot. Also, I had a friend who went on a tour bus and the timing  is very limited. You can actually explore quite a bit, so if you made it all the way there, best to soak it in.


The Cliffs of Mohr were a must see for us. I had this thing in my head that when Kiera Knightly has her dream where she is on this cliff overlooking this beautiful greenery in Pride and Prejudice, she is at the Cliffs of Mohr. I am well aware that the book and movie takes place in imaginary places in the UK, but a girl can dream.

So my best friend and I actually planned to see it for 2 days in case it rained! There are plenty of options of other attractions nearby in case there is bad weather – either a visit to Galway or a tour of the Aran Islands. We stay at an AirBnB nearby and the first day was cloudy so we decided to go to the Islands of Aran. It was still beautiful! But the next day forecasted more sunshine so we opted for the Cliffs of Mohr then.

Note: we went closer to sunset so there was fewer people and tour buses and plenty of parking.

The Aran Islands were recommended to me by a friend. You can take a ferry over and bike through the island, to another cliff. It’s really worth it!

They even had horses along the way!


To get the prime locations, you will need to tread with a bit of caution. Be super careful! This is a cautioned area, but they do allow visitors to diverge from the set pathway at their own risk. For me, it was well worth this view!

Have a great time! Definitely worth every bit of the hype.

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