Business One Pager ATS Friendly Resume Template (with free workbook!)

$ 50.00

Looking for a one page resume that won’t confuse jumble up your information in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

This Business One Pager resume is specially designed for you! It uses a special kind of column formatting that allows the ATS to read your resume like a newspaper, from column to column. This resume is perfect for anyone who is looking to get to be concise and direct in their job search. It doesn’t allow for any fluff, and the hiring manager will appreciate that!

Hiring managers only spend 7 seconds on a resume, and with this, that’s all they will need to schedule an interview!


This package comes with:

+ ATS Friendly Business One Pager Resume Template (Word Docx)
+ ATS Friendly Business One Pager Cover Letter Template (Word Docx)
+ ATS Friendly Business One Pager Reference Template (Word Docx)
+ Business One Pager Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workbook (PDF)

*Disclaimer: This resume is only meant to be one page. It cannot be converter to 2 pages or it will defeat the purpose.*


***Colors may vary slightly due to the brightness/settings of individual computer/mobile screens. Colors can be easily changed. Instructions in Workbook. ***


What is ATS?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. The ATS is a software used by companies and recruiters to collect, scan, and read your resume. The software will rank and score your resume to see if its suitable for the position or if it should be rejected from the system. Unfortunately, many candidates don’t know this and submit resumes made with textboxes, graphics, and fonts that are unreadable to the system and they get AUTOMATICALLY rejected before it’s even seen!

What makes this resume unique?

This resume is a special blend of being an ATS friendly Word resume and a well-designed resume that looks like it was created in Photoshop! This resume is a mix of function with design. Unlike other resume templates on the market that look beautiful, it passes the ATS test. Swipe through the photos to see how the resume appears to an ATS bot. Every single word is readable! This resume is optimized with readable text for the ATS bots and incorporates design elements such as color, spacing, and graphics that will impress a hiring manager! This resume has been tried and tested by the ATS.

Who is this resume best suited for?

This resume can be used by anyone but it is best suited for people pursuing careers in corporate or professional industries. This resume is designed to beat the ATS bots used by companies who have online job portals. While this resume will work for people in creative careers, such as graphic design, content creation and social media – many of those industries allow for/epect more creative design elements that can created through Photoshop or Indesign. This resume is for people who want the design elements of Photoshop, but also require a professional text-based resume to get them through the initial screening process to prevent them from automatically getting REJECTED by the ATS system and get their resume SEEN.

Do you issue refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of these products, we cannot issue a refund. However, if you require any support or have any questions, please reach out to

What software do I require?

This resume is created specifically for Microsoft Word. It is 100% compatible and created with graphics and fonts from MS Word. No external downloads are required.

Are all of the workbooks for the resumes the same?

For the most part – yes! The core elements of writing a resume are the same. However there are parts of the guide that are tailored specifically for each resume such as the editing and some writing tips. Just like how you should tailor each resume to each company, I believe the workbooks should be tailored to each template – I practice what I preach!

Is this really only a one page resume?

Yes! This resume is designed to only be a ONE PAGE RESUME. Please do not purchase it with the intention of converting it into a two page resume. Most ATS systems HATE columns in a resume because they scan information from left to right and the information gets mixed up (like in the side by side comparison). However this resume has a SPECIAL formatting that allows it to be red form column to column like a newspaper. However, it can't be converted to 2 pages or it will split the information. This resume only allows a certain amount of characters in each column so be precise! 


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