• Exactly How Much I Saved By Switching From A Bank To A Credit Union

    For years, I resisted the idea of switching to a Credit Union. I didn’t see the point. I vaguely knew that it was better to support local Credit Unions (instead of big, for-profit banks) but at that stage in my life, I was a student, and most banks have free student accounts.

    Until one day a bad bank experience promoted me to look into Credit Unions and I began saving hundreds of dollars passively! But switching did come with Pros and Cons….

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  • Industry Secrets That Grocery Stores Use To Make You Pay More

    One of the biggest hallmarks of #adulting is grocery shopping. It seems like a never-ending task.

    There’s no food in the fridge. You go buy more food. Some of it you eat. Some of it goes bad. There’s no food in the fridge, again.

    Mastering the navigation of the grocery store is a level we all hope to achieve. And we’ve all heard the basic advice of grocery shopping and I will reiterate them here for your convenience (cause this is a grocery store article, kind of like convenience store, GET IT? HAHAHA) Okay just me. Moving on, let’s review the holy trinity rules of grocery shopping:

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